Metagenomics for Food Safety and Quality: Webinar Series

Understand how next generation sequencing applies to your business.

There is a lot of buzz around next generation sequencing in the food safety industry and it can be difficult to figure out how it all applies to your business. We’ve created a webinar series to help clarify some of the applications of next generation sequencing and how metagenomics can help you improve the quality of your products.

16S Metagenomics: A Case Study for Trouble-shooting Spoilage Sources

Duration: 18 minutes

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how a company uncovered un-culturable organisms causing spoilage
  • Understand how metagenomics can help you troubleshoot spoilage and shelf life issues
  • Go through a step-by-step analysis of a metagenomics data set
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Demystifying the S: WGS vs 16S

Duration: 18 minutes

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about 16S metagenomics and shotgun metagenomics
  • See how data generated from 16S metagenomics is different than WGS
  • Understand where, and when to implement metagenomics vs WGS
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Arming Your Scientists for Clean Label Formulations

Duration: 16 minutes

In this webinar you will:

  • Discover how metagenomics can help you develop clean label product formulations
  • Learn how experimental design can reduce development timelines for new products
  • Explore examples of leveraging formulation design to improve clean label product quality and shelf life
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About the Speaker


Joe Heinzelmann began his career as a nanotechnology chemist. He held various sales and marketing positions until he joined Neogen in 2011. At Neogen he’s been a Product Manager, and a Market Development Manager. Mr. Heinzelmann has launched various technologies at Neogen including NeoSeek for STECs confirmation, NeoSeek for Salmonella serotyping, and several pathogen detection assays for Neogen’s molecular pathogen detection system: ANSR. Joe currently leads the commercialization efforts of food genomics for Neogen as the Director of Business Development for Food Safety Genomics. Joe graduated from Albion College with a bachelor’s in Chemistry, and from Northwood University with an MBA.